ROSE, design Edi&Paolo Ciani

Embracing shapes born by the image of a rosebud

The lounge armchairs – coming in several seating heights and matched with the small loveseats and poufs (ottomans) – will characterise and make genuine whatever furnishing context destined to welcoming guests, waiting areas or to relaxation.

Iconic and captivating, alone or in a group, the high back lounge armchair version evokes areas devoted to waits, encounters and conversations.
The whole collection features simple, plain lines; we came up with – and modelled – the soft, embracing shapes of its items to welcome people’s bodies, while generating an “intimate, emotional” space.

Its name – “ROSE” – draws inspiration just from the sweet sensations brought forth by the image of a rosebud.

The Rose project is the outcome of an accurate technical-aesthetic study, where comfort and abidance by ergonomic principles were especially taken into account. With regard to upholstery fabrics, we imagined several possibilities – smooth, draped and quilted. Such particular processing types imbue all seatings with the allure of sartorial craftmanship.

Rose seatings are truly versatile, their looks present-day yet unpretentious. The armchairs, the small armchairs and stools, displaying a young, entertaining air, thanks to their compact sizes and to the multiplicity of their available bases –wooden and metal – are suited for contract, residential and home-office settings.

Especially sophisticated is the sartorial processing of the fabric edge, underlining the wooden back. Also the version with pleated fabric on the back is indeed truly smart, whereas the one with chessboard-shaped quilting on the back is more juvenile and dynamic.
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