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Producing design
The attention on the detail for a product of excellence.

For more than half a century, Montbel has been changing the design and functionalities of an everyday object: the seating. Founded in 1959 by Silvano Montina, from a small artisanal reality Montbel has grown by producing design pieces for the most important European brands, always focusing the attention on the detail for a product of excellence.

The end of the 90s

At the end of the 90s, the generational continuity of the sons Manuela and Stefano and the company heritage tied to the artisanal culture have permitted Montbel to transform itself into an industrial reality with a complete collection of products.

Montbel people and story 2

Montbel oversees internally every stage of the product development, from the project approval, to the selection of materials up to the final completion stage, sewing every seat as an haute-couture dress, following the most important, international quality control norms.

Unique production system

The entire processing system is handled internally by a network of professionals with a unique production system linked with the 100% Made in Italy experience.

Unique quality rooted

Every year Montbel refreshes and enhances its product offer. Moreover, at the same time, it gives back to the market a unique quality rooted in the past that establishes itself in the present.

Technique and aesthetic

Technique and aesthetic are the values embedded in Montbel’s products to make the common areas of work and hospitality spaces more elegant and charming.

The soul of Montbel

The soul of Montbel is transferred in the artefacts of bespoke art; tradition and innovation blend into a story of uniqueness and generational continuity.


Today, the company is managed by Manuela and Stefano Montina, accompanied by Simona and Andrea, third generation of the family.


Silvano Montina is awarded a certificate of merit.


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