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Portrait of a Company.

In their capacity as actors, our products are the protagonists of an unceasingly diverse stage, as they interpret differingly inspired stories, yet with a common, distinctive language. The catwalk or red carpet our product passes along amplifies the perception of an exclusive narration, conveying our Brand’s universal recognizability. Montbel is Media Partner at Venice’s International Cinematography Art Show, creating a subtle bond linking faces rich in personality and design.

Chair for charity.

Montbel & Ai.Bi.

Naomi Watts

For several years now, Ai.Bi., the children’s friends association, has been supported by Montbel; our seating is donated in its version autographed by the celebrities who are guests at Venice’s Film Festival, on the occasion of Venice’s International Cinematography Art Show.

Paolo Sorrentino

The seating gets auctioned off during a gala dinner, arranged by “Il Bello che fa bene” (=the Beautiful that does well).

Besides increasing awareness on the theme, the event’s objective is to raise funds supporting the mission at Ai.Bi.’s, who, day in day out, for over thirty years, have been working alongside children, abandoned and with serious family difficulties, in order to ensure them the right to be real sons and daughters.

Carolina Crescentini

Such a collaboration makes us proud as a company, having always carefully followed social initiatives and issues.


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