For a sustainable future.

Wood is our material, that’s where we start out from and what inspires us. The first choice made at Montbel is to select the raw material we are going to fashion. That is the first stage of a route made up of knowledge, passion and respect for nature. The wood we employ only comes from a controlled deforestation scheme. Every processing phase takes place solely under banner of top quality standards, with heartfelt care for the protection of the environment we live in, as we try and minimise product impact during its entire life cycle.

At the centre of our design is man.

Tradition and artisanal culture are our art. We place man at the very centre of each project of ours, from research to product completion.

Aesthetics and usability.

Our design develops items devised with an aesthetics-and-usabilityoriented approach, since everything interacts to guarantee total wellbeing.

Exclusive quality path.

Man’s hand turns our material into product, made according to the rules of the art, with a wholly in-house processing cycle, preserving an exclusive quality path.

Tailor made
Details sewn to measure.

Our internal manufacturing cycle dresses our structures, as if they were tailored clothing made to fit perfectly. A tailor’s method actually distinguishes us, due to both our care for details and how we choose materials, fabrics, leather, & ecoleathers. Our project culture becomes a ready-to-wear product philosophy, featuring manual labour, experience and sensoriality.


The theorem of colour.

The theorem of colour.

The intimate nature of a fabric, the volumes of our structures, don colours and shades, interpreting personal, aesthetic languages.

The theorem of colour.

The matchings of the materials, the coloured anilines, our lacquers too, convey a compositioinal freedom and a unique, recognizable style.

The theorem of colour.

Through its collections, Montbel narrates heterogeneous macrocosms and styles, as it confirms its mastery within the world of the international contract market.


Art and tradition trigger a non-stop dialogue always leading to the perfection of Italian-Made articles.

Quality is the trait that characterises us. Every product development stage – from the project, to the selection of our materials up to the final, completion stage – follows the most important, international quality control norms.

The entire processing system is handled internally by a network of professions with a unique production system, guaranteeing the true Italian-made product (“Made in Italy”).

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