LILY, design Edi&Paolo Ciani

Sartorial craftsmanship, care for details.

Our cooperation relationship with Montbel – the company -, is so deep-rooted, dating as it does to over twenty years ago.., that we constantly enjoy accepting every new challenge, for the renewed enthusiasm it conveys.

Once again, with Montbel, we wished to reinterpret the concept of hospitality; we did so by creating Lily, a seating collection which we chose to look minimal, modern and youthful.

Its soft lines and comfortable padding represent our idea of a timeless type of design, plain and sophisticated in its shapes and respectful of ergonomic principles.
Sartorial craftmanship and our care for details are Lily’s distinctive elements, where the one element acting as the leitmotiv, and characterising the entire collection, is the double draping detail placed in the backrest’s front, in correspondence with the legs.

In the planning stage, we initially developed the chair with two backrest versions, high and low; then passed on to producing the small armchair, the stool and the armchair, essential/indispensable elements to fully furnish rooms either for restaurants, cruise-ships, hotels, bistrots or coffee-shops, and, generally speaking, all environments proposed to the contract sector.

Also, the collection includes a few seating items whose measures are larger, and seating height lower, devoted to equipping locations made for welcoming people and conviviality, such as waiting-rooms, lounge-areas and the like.

For all of the Lyly seating articles, we generated two bases, one in wood and the other in metal, both available in plentiful colour shades: in contrast with the nuances of the chosen fabric, or tone-on-tone; the young, casual-looking, curved-pipe base version, makes Lily seatings really versatile for the contexts they are destined to, while giving them a jauntier aspect, too.

For the wooden-base version, we decided to use legs with a particular triangular section, with rounded sides. Said detail endows every Lily seating item with a modern, distinctive look, such that it is able to sophisticatedly enliven all environments of the hospitality and residential sectors.
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