Introducing New Colour Signatures

Web Meeting with Lucio Ravedoni, Marketing Manager at Montbel

Good morning everyone.
Just a few words to tell you what Montbel has done in this period. A period that as we all know has somehow changed our habits.
I am pleased to be virtually with you today to share some reflections on the changes that we have all had to make to our personal and professional habits in the last 8 months ; as you are Montbel is also evolving on both tools and launch and planning times.

We have, in fact, decided to launch the new products and present the new catalog well in advance (January 2021).
To facilitate your work and to make the new products emotional and effective, we have focused on several videos.

We have produced:
5 movies, 1 for each family that tell the story of the product itself, starting from the idea from the designer’s pencil to get to the place where this product will be used.
5 movies that represent the language of Montbel. The color, the shapes, the comfort are highlighted in every single clip.

The first 2 clips concern 2 new products:
The Flor armchair designed by the Soda studio, 2 Austrian designers with whom we collaborate for the first time.
The Yarda chair which also in this case is the beginning of a collaboration with the Yonoh studio, a Spanish designer studio in Valencia.
The third clip, on the other hand, focuses on the development of the Rose family, a family that has already given us enormous satisfaction in recent years and which, for this reason, deserves further development. In this case, the Fratelli Ciani have developed new articles for us.

Last year, the Lily chair was presented at the last Salone del Mobile and today we have the expansion of the family. This project was also developed by the Ciani brothers.
This first part of digital work will be followed in January by the presentation of the News catalog, which will include new inspirational moods.
Subsequently, the same products will then be physically presented at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Use these videos with your customers, promote our social networks, especially focusing on the Montbel site.
The strength of the brand depends on all of us, and on the brand we could all make a difference also in terms of results in the coming years.

Thank you
Lucio Ravedoni
Discover Colour Signatures in Spanish 🇪🇸
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Discover Colour Signatures in Arabic 🇦🇪

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