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An embracing keepsake from the natural world

In our opinion, a chair for a restaurant shouldn’t look any different than a chair for home ambiance.

Our interpretation of the word hospitality is that the guest should feel at home.

The chair should be comfortable, inviting and spacious.

With the model Flor we wanted to achieve this by using round lines and soft upholstery, underlined by the flowing transition from the seat shell to the supporting frame made of solid wood.

This type of chair corresponds to a small armchair that offers enough freedom of movement in a conversation and at the same time its embracing shape offers a certain security.

A circle focuses on the person in its center and allows her or him to communicate in all directions, …that overall offers social flexibility at the table.

We like soft curved shapes because they are natural and human to us …they leave us the choice how to use an object and how to position yourself and the furniture in an ambiance.

Round shapes are timeless and are a formal typology that had its importance in design history and still does nowadays.
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