DANIELLE, design Edi&Paolo Ciani

Unembellished shapes, an elegant gesture of sumptuous comfort

As a whole, the Danielle collection represents our concept of contemporary design -distinctive yet not exaggerated, plain and sophisticated in its lines, functional in its shapes.

Craftmanship and care for details are the elements that have always characterised Montbel as a company, and this allows us to be really daring in developing projects, with captivating and much sought-after details, as we fully unleash our creativeness.

The seatings in the Danielle collection perfectly reflect the principle our design work is based on: unembellished shapes and being mindful of comfort.

Of course, while devising each project, every aspect plays a major role, starting from our aesthetic and formal stamp, ensuring abidance by the principles of ergonomy, to outlining all details – whether highly technical or constructional.

Danielle is a seating collection mainly aimed at the hospitality sector.
The chief features of its items are lavish upholstery and structural solidity, making them suitable for all contract settings: from coffee shops to restaurants, lounge areas to waiting rooms and, more generally, for all environments devoted to conviviality and welcoming people.

Their soft lines, smart and timeless shapes, also ensure that they suit household spaces such as living rooms, lounges, parlours and the like.
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