Respecting Nature /

When selecting a wood, one begins to wend a path shaped by knowledge, passion and respect for nature. Selection of the wood takes place through a procedure of controlled deforestation. Every log will become the architecture of a seat, while giving back to man the age-old privilege of relationships.

Abiding by the rules /

It is only the experience of man that allows for the best employment of wood. Such an exclusive quality path enshrines the cabinet-maker’s tradition, transforming the raw material into masterly manufactured handicraft articles, through a processing and machining cycle which is entirely in-house.

The Adventure of Colour /

The project takes on a new form of creativeness; the coloured anilines, the types of lacquering, the melody of the matches convey compositional freedom and a unique, unmistakable style. Montbel confirms its excellence and preparedness for the world of the international contract market.

The Manufacturing Atelier /

The in-house manufacturing cycle provides the apparel for our collections through a tailoring process distinguishing us due to our care for details and the quality of the materials employed. Our dedication in designing becomes the philosophy of a ready-to-wear article, epitomizing manual labour, experience and sensuousness.


Montbel the company that for half a century has been re-writing the design and meaning of an everyday but not common object: the chair. Montbel was founded in 1959 by Mr.Silvano Montina, over the years has grown to become part of the most important reality in the industrial district of the chair. The care given to the completion of the product, the consolidation of its national and international clientele, the latest generation of the family are only some of the aspects which, in the 90’s allowed Montbel to continue the Company’s transformation: the creation of a collection trading with its own brand name. Today, as in the past, Montbel’s creations know how to combine great design to the high comfort and maximum resistance. All to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Montbel continues to offer new products to the international market. Its italian soul rises through the selection of the high quality materials used and the attention paid to each phase of the production. This is exported with success all over the world. Portraying a solid image of a company which combines aesthetics and ethics as well as contributing with excellence to make the areas we live in, the work place and hospitality environments more balanced, attractive and cosy

All the world sits on Montbel. Thousands of products of ours are truly, authentically Italian designs, wholly and completely manufactured by us. The experience we have accumulated over decades of work and through international projects, have made Montbel into an eminently Italian reality.

Best of world contract/


Buckingham Palace

Hilton Charleroi

Enchantement of the Sea
Royal Caribbean

Hotel Bulgari

Harrod’s Aviation Lounge

Acqua di Parma

Gianfranco Ferrè Restaurant

Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

Arabella Sheraton

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

Hilton Airrail Center



Sheraton Amsterdam

Wynn Resorts
Maccau Honk Kong, Las Vegas USA

Rist. Le Lampare al fortino Trani,

Hard Rock Cafè

Park Hotel Vitznau
Vitznau CH

Bacardi head quarter
Coral Gables USA

Delta Airline VIP lounge

Microsoft Headquarter
Sillicon Valley USA

Singapore Airlines VIP lounge

Hyatt Hotels
San Francisco/Huston/Hamburg…

Marriott Hotels